City Guide: San Antonio working to make the city bike friendlier


By: Mark Jones

San Antonio has been making many positive strides to create a safer environment for cyclists. Actions taken include enacting a Safe Passing Ordinance which requires that cars pass cyclists by at least three feet on the left, and trucks give cyclists six feet of clearance. In addition to this, the City Council has also passed another ordinance (a bike light ordinance) which states that bicycles must possess a front light and rear light or a reflector. Local San Antonio leaders have also put in place a “Get Cyched” ad campaign to promote bicycle safety. Another program being implemented in March is the bicycle share program in which there will be 12 downtown stations with bikes available for rental. Yet another positive aspect to San Antonio’s biking community is the 23 existing plus 14 developing miles of Linear Creekways (paved trails for cyclists). Keep up the good work San Antonio!

To read more about program specifications as well as fees assessed to bike rental click here.

Source: San Antonio Current

Nerisa Holder, VERTICES intern

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