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Woodbridge, NJ – Walkability Assessment and Map
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Chatham, NJ – Walkability and Bikeability Action Plan
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Highland Park, NJ – Child Pedestrian Health and Safety Audit
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West Windsor, NJ – Bikeability Map and Walkability Assessment and Map
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Hightstown, NJ – Walkability Assessment and Map
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Plainsboro, NJ – Walkability Assessment and Map
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Garfield, NJ – Community Mapping

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Woodbridge Township Walkability and Bikeability Map

Woodbridge is a community of 100,000 people in Central New Jersey. It comprises 24 square miles, and currently holds the title to New Jersey’s Fifth largest community by population. The story of Woodbridge is one of positive growth, change, and diversity. Whether it be providing homes for veterans following the Second World War or walking such diverse immigrant communities from around the world or reshaping their communities to better help people travel safely by foot, Woodbridge has committed itself to welcoming the positive trends of the times.


In its project, Woodbridge hopes to bring safety to walkers on its streets by identifying safer routes for pedestrians to go about daily tasks of walking to school, the grocery store, the post office, and other important civic insitutions.



Walkability and Bikeability Action Plan for Chatham, NJ

Chatham Township is a community 10,000 strong in Northern New Jersey on the fridge of the Appalachian foothills. The community is home to the Great, a great tourist and recreation destination. Along with great natural assets from biking, walking, and other forms of exercise, the community has great local business assets within walking distance of one another.

The goal of this project is to assist in Chatham Townships 10 year strong commitment to walkability and bikeablity by showing identifying areas where pedestrian access needs to be enhanced and identify area that could be preserved or made into park space as to link larger public spaces.


Child Pedestrian Health and Safety Audit for Highland Park, NJ

Highland Park is a community of 13,000 people that sits on a bluff that overlooks the Raritan River. Despite its diversity, the community has a strong sense of cohesion and neighborliness. The community lies at the cross roads of Central New Jersey within walking distance of Rutgers University and downtown New Brunswick, commuting distance of New York City, and a daytrip of Philadelphia.

In its mapping project, Highland Park sought to find safe routes for its children to find their way to school. In this survey, they mapped assets such as: places to stop and eat, crosswalks, speed bumps, and sight distances; as well as, liabilities such as: broken sidewalks and measures which prioritize cars over pedestrians in residential areas.


West Windsor Bicycle and Pedestrian Alliance: Bikeability Map and Walkability Assessment and Maps for West Windsor, NJ

West Windsor is a community in Mercer County New Jersey of 21,000 residents. The township is located mostly on flat planes, and is home of the Railroad station and census designated center known as Princeton Junction. The community has changed dramatically over the course of twenty years from a mostly rural community of farms to residential suburban community minutes away from New Jersey’s state capital and major research institutions such as Princeton and Rutgers Universities. The community’s motto is “Tranquility, Research, and Knowledge”, and through implementing its Community Mapping program, has held true to its ideals.

The West Windsor Bicycle and Pedestrian Alliance recently created bikeability and walkability maps.One map included a map of all the assets one would need biking through West Windsor whether that be a bike rack to safely park a bike, a place to stop and eat, a restroom break, and other points of interest such as the railroad station, park space, and public monuments.


Garfield Community Mapping

Garfield is a community named after the Garfield Train Station, which lays on the banks of the Passaic River in Bergen County, New Jersey. Despite its small size, the town is only a few square miles; the population of 30,000 includes immense economic, social, and ethnic diversity.  Also, with such density, the town proves to be vibrant and walkable for all residents.

Garfield has engaged in many community mapping activities which are compiled into Garfield Bike Fun. This organizes Garfield Walkability Guide, Health Assets, Street Art and Food Choice Mapping sites into one cohesive information tool for Garfield residents to rely on and take pride in.