Build bicycle- and pedestrian-friendly communities by connecting people, process and technology through community mapping.


Bicycle- and pedestrian-friendly communities everywhere.

What is Walkability & Bikeability?

Walkability is the ability to walk safely anywhere in a community.

Bikeability is the ability to travel safely anywhere by bicycle. Those questions alone lead to so many more questions:

  • Are there sufficient sidewalks and paths for pedestrians?
  • Does the community have bike lanes?
  • Are there safe ways to cross streets?
  • What is the best way to get from point to point without using a car?
  • Do bicyclists, motorists and pedestrians share the road?
  • Are people of all ages and abilities encouraged to bike and walk?

This project seeks to help members of a community map safe routes for people to travel without using cars, and make that data available to the public. Access to accurate and complete data enables and empowers the community to advocate for greater bikeability and walkability.

Bike N’ Walk

  • Raises community awareness of walking and biking
  • Builds safer and more pleasant walking and biking environments
  • Creates healthier communities by promoting physical activity
  • Preserves community resources by assessing needs and then prioritizing improvements
  • Leads to cleaner communities by relying less on automobiles and buses
  • Promotes public participation and community pride.

Bike N’ Walk was created to provide Web-Based Interactive Mapping and Community-Based Social Networking Tools for people of all ages to advocate for bikeability and walkability in any community, anywhere.