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Woodbridge hosts elementary school ‘walkability’ tour

May 31, 2009

My Central Jersey

BY LEO D. ROMMEL Staff Writer

Joseph Kurzeja leaned against a street sign at the corner of Woodmere Avenue and Butler Street, looked at his mother, then shook his head. “Nope, this is not safe,” the 6-year-old said. “There are no stop signs, no sidewalks and there are a lot of cars driving by.” After Saturday’s township-wide event, some of that may soon change.

Kurzeja was one of an estimated 300 parents, teachers and children who took part in Saturday’s first-ever “Woodbridge Walkability” tour, an event that had volunteer groups walk a quarter-mile radius around all 16 township elementary schools to conduct fieldwork to access how safe nearby walking and biking routes are for children.
Woodbine Avenue Elementary School No. 23 had about 30 volunteers, including Kurzeja. “Parents want their kids to be safe going to school, while in school, and on the way home from school,” said Mayor John McCormac. “Our job today is help identity ways to make the going to and coming from (school) more safe.” …

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